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Buying :: A Whole New Way


Thousands of Specialty Lighting Products

Since our last count, the number of specialty lighting products you could buy in the Semper Lite marketplace was in the thousands! Seriously; and it's growing at a fast pace. Now, compare that to how many freezer ballasts or lampholders you could buy from the manufacturer or from your local hardware store...

Good news - this means that you now have a one stop specialty lighting shop. Whether that means you use our site to just cross reference an item, look up a particular wiring diagram, or request an item that you want us to stock from now on.


Cross Reference Crazy!

Semperlite allows you to not only browse for products from a huge assortment of specialty lighting items, but even better, you can search for a product that has been made obsolete or just hard to find and we give you a suggested replacement. Our replacement options are not only specific to one of the characteristics of the item you are cross referencing, but to all of them. And if there is a difference we share that with you.

Never before have lighting customers been able to access such an in-depth cross reference online with brands such as Anthony International, Leviton and all Robertson Ballasts.



Everything about the Semperlite store and website is dynamic and user-generated, including the rank of products, comments, reviews and more. The power should be in your hands.

The Semperlite Promise

If you don't like it, we'll take it back (within 30 days that is!). Yes it's that simple. We're pretty confident that what you buy from us you're not going to find at your local hardware store.

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