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LH0130 - Unshunted, snap in, stationary, vertical contact HO/VHO w/9" leads


$2.59 /ea.
93 In Stock, (subject to prior sale)
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Model Number: LH0130  
Lamp Base: R17d RDC HO/VHO  Mounting Style: Snap in
Ratings: 660w - 1000v   Wiring Method: #18 awg 9in. 105'c 600v leads
Material: White Urea   Overall Height: 2.122
Certifications: UL (E13408), CSA listed (LR95423)   Country of Origin: Mexico
Special Note(s): Water resistant
Stationary end
Vertical contacts
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refrigeration ballast
1-2 lamps
4-12' total

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10-24' total

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20-48' total

(Underwriters Laboratories Inc) Laboratory that sets safety standards for building materials, electrical appliances and other products.
(Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) Laboratory that sets safety standards for building materials, electrical appliances and other products. Canada and United States UL Listed
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Association that generates product performance and safety standards for many Canadian industries.
The VDE Mark indicates conformity with the VDE standards or European or internationally harmonized standards resp. and confirms compliance with protective requirements of the applicable EC Directive(s).
"European Norms Electrical Certification". This demonstrates that a product has been certified by one of the national certification institutes in Europe. Today, there are 18 certification institutes who are signatories to the agreement. Apart from the ENEC Mark itself, there is also a two digit number that indicates which certification body has issued the ENEC Certificate.
Recognized Component Mark and Canadian Recognized Component Mark - Products intended for Canada carry the Recognized Component mark "C."
Recognized Component Mark for Canada and the United States - This new UL Recognized Component Mark, which became effective April 1, 1998, may be used on components certified by UL to both Canadian and U.S. requirements. Although UL had not originally planned to introduce a combined Recognized Component Mark, the popularity of the Canada/U.S. Listing and Classification Marks among clients with UL certifications for both Canada and the United States has led to the new Mark.
The CE-marking is the manufacturer's statement to the EU authorities that his product complies with all relevant CE-marking Directives. It is important to emphasise that the CE-marking is not a quality mark or a guarantee to consumers in EU.
ETL Listed Mark
ETL Listed Mark represents compliance to United States and/or Canadian product safety standards. You will find the ETL Listed Mark on electrical- gas-, or oil- fired products.
In stock (subject to prior sale):
As of this morning we had anywhere from 1 to 1,000 or more in stock.
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This is a non-stock item but the manufacturer typically has stock. We will order from the factory once your order is placed and typically can then ship your order complete within 1 weeks time.
Shunted refers to the internal shorting of the two contacts within the lampholder for use with "instant start" ballasts.
Unshunted lampholders have both contacts independent of each other. They are used for all but "instant start" ballasts but can be externally shunted for this use.
KEMA-KEUR quality mark demonstrates that your products and production location are under regular surveillance by DEKRA. Rather than just performing a one-time test, we continuously monitor conformity. KEMA-KEUR is recognized throughout Europe, while providing unrestricted access to many other markets worldwide.
Mellert products are subjected to stringent quality controls, test and ISO-certification.
FCC mark is a certification mark employed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission.
Pulse Rated
Is a lampholder that is rated high enough to handle the pulses sent from the ballast during start up. Examples are 4kv, 5kv and 6kv.
Wire Ways
Are notches or grooves in the bottom of a lampholder meant for ther wires to be passed under, this aides in a lampholder with wire leads being flush mounted.
Screw Terminals
Are devices meant for the sole purpose of attaching wires to an existing lampholder. They are contacts that have an attached screw, the wire ends are wrapped around the screw underneath its head, then screw screw is tightened thus attaching the wire to the lampholder.
Captive Screws
Are screws held in place typically with a nut or washer. They are set so that you must have the lamp out of the lampholder when mounting and the lampholder is mounted using a screwdriver from the inside of the lampholder
Captive Bushings
Is a mounting style for lampholders. Typically this mounting style would not come with a screw and you may have the lamp in the lampholder when mounting. You screw the screws in from the back of the lampholder, where the wires normally exit.
Quick Connects
Open holes or slots meant for wires that are stripped to be directly inserted. Once inserted they can only be removed with a special tool meant for this.
Is a mounting style that places the back of the lampholder against the mounting surface. Typically the unit would be screwed in place.
Rear Split Pins
2 pins ot tabs on each side of the lampholder, typically with the end of the pin larger in diameter than the neck of the pin. This is meant to snap/push into holes predrilled on the mounting surface.
Base Split Pins
2 pins ot tabs on the botoom of the lampholder, typically with the end of the pin larger in diameter than the neck of the pin. This is meant to snap/push into holes predrilled on the mounting surface.
Stak Ons
Blades and or prongs used to connect to a wiring device.
Lamp Axis
This is the measurment from the top of the base to the center of the pins when the lamp is inserted into the lampholder. This measurement is the most important when replacing a lampholder to a different unit. Lampholders with the same lamp axis are able to be used for the same lamp even if the lampholders are visually different.


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